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For over 20 years, FX Window Films has decreased the energy costs, blocked harmful UV rays, reduced heat, glares and even the fading of furnishings in homes across the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).
Until your windows have been masked by our high performance film, you will be too focused on the negative effects of your windows rather than the positive. It is all about changing one's perspective. Our professional service provided is approximately equivalent to one tenth of the cost of window replacement. Window film is an excellent substitute for replacing windows in the result of improving energy efficiency.

People are heavily exposed to the sun whether being outside, in their vehicles driving or even indoors, beside windows. The excessive heat, exposure of UV rays and the glares in your home or commercial building will be an intrusive push factor, disabling a comfortable living environment.
Explore FX Window Films with the intentions of satisfied living conditions.

FX Auto Tint & Accessories has been serving the Markham / Greater Toronto Area for over 25 years and is constantly building it's clientele through a reputation of always putting the customer first.

Whether installing window film for your vehicle, home or business, or installing trailer hitches, bike racks, cargo carriers, roff racks or simply rustproofing your vehicle, let our qualified staff help you with your needs.

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